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Hollywood Pied Hofkens Hen

For the last 34 years I have been involved in the racing and breeding of pigeons, starting at the age of 14 with my father Jimmy, who now at the age of 71 years is still well known in the North East of England racing pigeon circles. We raced together in Greenside H.S. against 30 lofts. Our club was affiliated to Tyne & Derwent Federation wit up to 2,500 birds competing in each inland race. We had quite a good partnership, winning most race points and even managed a 2nd from Bourges approx. 580 miles. Our greatest achievement was in winning 3rd W.D.A Lillers 4,000 birds flying 357 miles, beaten by only 0.2 ypm.

I then moved 7 miles away from Greenside and found if far too difficult to compete in Greenside H.S. and so after moving to Westerhope and meeting Davey Little, we decided to form the partnership of Little/Southgate & Parsons in Westerhope H.S. in Newcastle West Fed. In our very first season in this very competitive club we had 7x1st Club, 86 OB points and many other positions winning the OB average. We also had many Fed. positions but in 2004, due to family and business commitments, I decided to quit racing.

I then decided to re-group my team of stock birds which were built of my golden couple "Klak Cock" & "Janssen Hen", sire and dam of my 3rd W.D.A. and this couple were responsible for at least 20 individual first prize winners. Fanciers today are still winning with great-grandchildren of this pair.

Then on my first visit to Tienen, North Belgium to my friend Jos Veuleman in 1996, I was taken to the top middle distance loft of his club. The name of this fantastic partnership was Lambrechts/Lismont. To read more, go to the links.

In 1998 I was introduced to Frans Van Meldert and then to his stock loft. This was one of the finest collections of sprint pigeons I had ever seen under one roof! I immediately purchased a matched pair and ordered 12 youngbirds for 1999. After a few meetings with Frans, I went to collect my youngbirds in March 1999 and to my surprise, he gave me a free youngbird - only a son of "De Witten 93"! The other 12 youngbirds went into the breeding loft and were left to mature until the following year.

At hofkensuk, in my pursuit to produce a family of super racing pigeons any monies made is re-invested in top quality stock to enable the pigeon fancier to obtain birds at a very reasonable price. I'm not a dealer, but a very serious pigeon enthusiast.

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